CHC Invest

We need Congress to act now and make historic investments in health centers.

Launched in May 2022, our CHC Invest campaign calls on Congressional leaders to not only increase immediate funding for health centers to $9B in FY24, but also scale investments in health center infrastructure, workforce, and innovation over the next seven years to reach a total of $30B by 2030. This will ensure FQHCs can fulfill their mission of providing services to critically underserved populations, including veterans, students, individuals experiencing homelessness, public housing residents, and agricultural workers. For detailed information on our asks read below or see our CHC Invest and CHC Invest: 30 by 30 one-pagers.

In addition to months of consistent advocacy on Capitol Hill, we recently delivered a letter from 140 national, state, and local stakeholders representing 27 states and DC that asks Congress to increase funding for community health centers through the CHC trust fund reauthorization.

Funding for health centers expires on September 30, 2023 and we need Congress to take immediate action to ensure health centers can continue to serve the more than 30 million patients they provide care to each year.

Our asks by FY30 include:

  • $17 billion in annual funding for FQHC operations.

  • Annual appropriation of $5.5 billion for health center capital improvement.

  • Annual appropriation of $6.5 billion for workforce.

  • $1 billion in innovation-related funding for FQHCs.

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