ACH Membership

Advocates for Community Health represents leaders from the nation’s largest and most forward-thinking health centers saving lives in underserved communities.

Since Advocates for Community Health (ACH)’s launch in 2019, our advocacy has led and shifted narratives around meaningful conversations affecting our members, the largest Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) in the United States. Our members span the continental United States and Puerto Rico, serving patients from our nation’s largest cities to its most rural populations.

All ACH members believe in the power of advocacy in transforming public health.

Advocates for Community Health is amplifying its impact in federal policy.  ACH’s team of policy, communications, and advocacy experts ensure that ACH members receive:

  • Focused policy representation elevating the voices of community health centers and their needs for funding, workforce development, emergency preparedness, 340B protections.
  • Networking events designed to meet the needs of ACH members, with exchanges and  practices events and programs engaging ACH’s network of C-suite public health leaders.
  • Exclusive grant / funding programs for ACH Core members; curated lists of grant opportunities; guidance on navigating congressional appropriations (earmarks) and other forms of funding.
Our Core members are community health centers already leading the way in transforming and revolutionizing public health within their states; our Impact members invest in a different future for healthcare delivery. Review our membership types to find which best fits your organization.

Want to learn more?

Advocates for Community Health members are aligned with ACH's vision, policy priorities, and values. ACH meets with interested members to discuss membership, ensuring that all members are united in a shared commitment to visionary policy and aggressive federal advocacy. Connect with our team to share about your mission and goals, and learn about the impact of ACH membership.

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