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Advocates for Community Health is committed to meaningfully impacting federal public policy. We do this through leveraging the collective voice of our members to drive health care systems, policies, and programs of the future.

Our top focus areas include:

Health Center Funding

Community health centers cannot continue to do more with less. ACH is driving a bold vision for health center funding through its CHC Invest Campaign.

Learn more about CHC Invest and CHC Invest: 30 by 30.

Health Equity

Community health centers are vital to achieving health equity in the United States. ACH seeks an America that no longer has disparities in health outcomes by race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, gender, age, mental health, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity, or geography. Health centers build equity in their approach and delivery of care through governance and operational models, and these investments have consistently resulted in impactful returns.

Learn more about how ACH aims to achieve health equity.

340B Drug Pricing Program

The current reach and impact of community health centers (CHCs) would not be possible without the 340B program. CHCs work tirelessly to meet the complex and evolving needs of their patients, serving all who seek care, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.

The 340B program allows CHCs to stretch scarce federal dollars and provide vital services that otherwise would be difficult to fund.

In today’s economic environment, health centers increasingly depend on the 340B program to meet their mission, putting every dollar received back into the communities they serve.

Read more about how ACH aims to improve the 340B Program.

Emergency Preparedness

Federally qualified health centers are a vital lifeline to vulnerable communities in all kinds of local, state and national emergencies – hurricanes, wildfires, mass casualty events, and other dire health emergencies. By mandate and by mission, these centers are on the front lines, serving all who seek care, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay, when their communities need it most.

ACH supports a broad range of policy changes that build from lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic to improve care delivery during times of emergency in the future.

See how ACH is pursuing a broad range of policy changes to prepare for the next emergency.

Value-Based Care

Value-Based care (VBC) is designed to drive down health care costs and improve patient outcomes. Unfortunately, despite their capacity and expertise, community health centers have not been able to participate as fully in VBC models as many would like. ACH advocates for policies that prioritize the inclusion of community health centers and their patients in VBC arrangements to lower costs, improve outcomes, and move our nation closer to true health equity.

Learn how ACH is leading a more equitable, holistic approach to care for the underserved through VBC.

Workforce Development

ACH envisions a network of community health centers (CHCs) with diverse workforces that reflect the patients and communities they serve. We see CHCs as the centerpiece in creating an abundant pipeline of skilled professionals with the infrastructure necessary to provide exceptional care to patients.

ACH strongly believes that access to professional development and mental health services, systems to maintain a sustainable workload, and pathways for career growth must be in place for this workforce to thrive. We believe health centers should have a culture of continuous learning and growth at every level.

Read how ACH is aiming to build a skilled and diverse FQHC workforce.


Community health centers (CHCs) innovate by necessity. As they care for underserved communities, CHCs encounter a wide range of challenges, including patients with complex needs and limited resources. Novel systems are often necessary to ensure that patient needs are met and communities can thrive. As incubators of innovative care delivery, CHCs are well- positioned to serve as the foundation of our evolving healthcare system. Investment in piloting new solutions can improve patient outcomes and move the U.S. towards true health equity.

CHCs are ready to pursue innovative solutions, capitalizing on proven strategies in areas like population health, emergency care, and specialty care.

Learn more about how ACH pursues policy solutions that help health centers innovate and strive for improved health outcomes for all.

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