ACH Committees & Working Groups


ACH operates best with active participation from our members. Please consider applying for one of the committees and working groups (listed below) that will be populated in 2023.

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee will provide guidance and feedback on major programmatic initiatives and help guide the direction of new and evolving programs and ensure consistency with ACH’s mission and member needs.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee will assist the board of directors in achieving ACH membership growth and engagement goals. The committee shall further develop membership levels and criteria, as well as collaborate with ACH staff to identify annual membership growth and engagement goals.

Policy Working Groups
  • Health Equity: The work group will focus on developing and advancing work on ACH’s Health Equity policy goals. These goals include but are not limited to: (1) set pay-for-equity goals; (2) develop, test, and disseminate health equity measurement tools; (3) integrate health equity into evaluation and payment for health centers; (4) incentivize the development of health centers as community hubs with formal relationships with community-based organizations most able to address the social determinants of health; and (5) provide flexible funding to FQHCs to implement programs proven to close health equity gaps.
  • 340B Drug Pricing Program: The work group will focus on ACH’s policy priorities in relation to the 340B program. These priorities include but are not limited to establishing protections for health centers participating in the 340B program in order to maximize program savings and ensure reinvestment into patient care and operations. We also hope to establish transparency and accountability standards, guardrails for manufacturer audits, and more.
  • Pandemic Preparedness: The work group will focus on ACH’s Emergency Preparedness policy priorities, including but not limited to investment in health center infrastructure; ensuring patient care delivery, access, and coverage; maintaining workforce capacity in times of emergency; and more.
  • Value-based Care (VBC): The work group will focus on ACH’s Value Based Care policy priorities, including but not limited to: capacity building for VBC at health centers; the development of VBC pilot and innovation opportunities; improved and enhanced Medicaid VBC policies, innovations and technical assistance to support health centers; risk adjustment measures; health equity principles within VBC; and more.
  • FQHC Workforce: The work group will focus on ACH’s Workforce policy priorities, including but not limited to: addressing workforce burnout and resilience; enhancing loan forgiveness; increasing workforce diversity; increasing investment in the teaching health center model and program; expanding the workforce pipeline; leadership training and incentives for health center leadership; and more.
  • Innovation: The work group will focus on ACH’s Innovation policy priorities, including but not limited to: enhanced telehealth opportunities; remote access and access to digital health monitoring; removing barriers to the delivery of specialty care by health centers; driving recognition and encouragement of patient centered facility design; improved health literacy; showcasing health center innovations in all categories; and more.
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