POLITICO: Health Centers Fight Back

A Government Accountability Office report released Monday found revenues for health centers have grown significantly in recent years. In response to this, Advocates for Community Health said in a statement Tuesday that medical health center margins are “relatively thin” — “less than 5 percent.” The advocacy group said health centers are “severely under resourced.” “The […]

ACH Urges Congress to Reach a Sustainable Funding Agreement for the 1,400 Health Centers Nationwide

Advocates for Community Health (ACH)—a member-led organization for federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) with a mission to meaningfully impact federal policy—is working with UnitedHealthcare Community & State to address these challenges and harness the insights, vision and innovation of ACHs members and leadership. Together, we are launching a three-year plan to empower FQHC leaders to drive change in their communities.

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