LifeLong Medical Care has 14 primary care health centers, four dental centers, two dental vans, an adult day health center, four school-based health centers, substance use disorder services, a supportive housing program, mental health services, street medicine, respite care, a newly developed PACE Center, an Over 60 Health Center, and immediate/urgent care centers. Every year, they provide services in the Bay area to more than 61,000 underserved individuals, many with complex health conditions. ACH Senior Vice President of Communications, Marketing & Membership Manager Dani Veira recently had the opportunity to do a site visit with CEO David B. Vliet.

What does working at LifeLong Medical Care mean to you?

My passion to serve the community with access to care is part of who I am, and goes back to the early 90s during my time in Latin America, where I witnessed devastating healthcare disparities. Since that time, providing healthcare infrastructure has been a driving desire and LifeLong allows me to continue this pursuit in a meaningful way, hopefully to the benefit of the families and neighbors we serve. LifeLong has an origin story from the 70s that involves the Gray Panthers and their part in establishing our commitment to aging services. A result is the Over 60 Clinic, which has been serving our more senior community members for more than 40 years. LifeLong owes much of its remarkable legacy to CEO Emeritus Marty Lynch, PhD, a pioneer in aging services who led the organization for 40 years.

What one thing makes you most proud?

LifeLong has an extensive and unique reach into our communities with the services that we provide and that makes me very proud. Whether it’s primary care, respite care, or supportive housing, we remain on the forefront of providing these needed services.

What keeps you up at night?

The pandemic exacerbated major issues health centers had already been facing for a number of years. Staff retention, burnout, and employee well-being are among some of LifeLong’s top challenges that keep me up at night. 

If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for?

I would wish our communities had the highest quality of unrestricted healthcare access to live a happy and healthy life. All the time.

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