Community health centers were flat funded in the recently released FY24 omnibus appropriations package. While we understand the difficult budget environment on Capitol Hill and are grateful that our funding held steady, this is one more reason that multi-year, stable and increased funding for the mandatory Community Health Center Fund is so necessary. Community health centers serve over 31 million people in the United States, a 45% increase over the past 10 years, and they cannot continue to do more with less.

The Community Health Center Fund must be reauthorized again by December 31, and we call on Congress to negotiate long-term and robust funding for the Community Health Center Fund. In particular, Advocates for Community Health asks Congress to reauthorize the Community Health Center Fund at $5.8 billion a year for at least three years, and to fund health centers at $3.2 billion in Fiscal Year 2025 through the yearly appropriations process. This funding will help health centers stay afloat while allowing them to invest in expanding access, building infrastructure, growing their workforce, and spearheading innovative care delivery models.


About Advocates for Community Health

Advocates for Community Health (ACH) is a membership organization for federally qualified health centers that strives to advance the delivery of health care to underserved populations and to achieve health equity for patients and communities in need. We are committed to working collaboratively to advance well-defined and forward-thinking policies at the national level. By leveraging the wisdom, agility, and innovation of our members, ACH brings bold leadership to drive change in the American healthcare system.

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